Back door bandit A male homosexual
Back of Bourke A very long way away
Bag To rubbish someone, speak bad of them
Balls and all Enthusiasticly getting involved
Ball Breaker A female who gives a guy a knock back
Ball and Chain Wives when referred to by their husbands
Balls Up Everything went wrong
Bail Up To chat to someone for ages
Bang Sexual intercourse
Barbie Barbeque
Barker's Egg A dog shit
Barney Argument, fight
Barrack Cheer loudly for your favourite team, vigorous support
Bash To attempt something
Bastard Often used as a term of endearment to friends
Battler Someone who struggles to get by mostly it is referred to in economic situations
Beanie Woolen hat
Bearded clam Female genital area
Beaut Beautiful or good " You beaut" means thats good.
Beauty Fantastic, unreal, excellent
Beer Gut The awefully attractive man with a large stomach that looks pregnant
Bible Basher The Christian who never stops preaching
Biffo A fist fight
Big bikkies Lots of money, expensive.
Big White telephone Toilet  
Bikie Motorbike rider
Bikkie Biscuits or cookies
Billabong Waterhole
Billy Tin used to boil water for tea, in the bush or is used whilst you camp
Bit of a brothel Very untidy, a mess
Bities Biting insects
Bitser Mongrel, many varieties in one object
Bizzo Business - mostly refers to people's personal information
Black Stump Non-specific place in the outback
Bloke Man,guy  
Blotto Drunk (Otto the man who loves to get Blotto)  
Blowie Blowfly  
Bludger Lazy person  
Blue Rinse Brigade Old ladies who put pearl drops in their hair to turn it blue! When you have this sorta hair your really OLD!!!    
Blue argument, fight, biffo  
Blue Flame The act of lighting a fart and its burns into a flame ( Kids on't try this at home)  
Bonza Great!!!!!!  
Boofhead Idiot, silly person
Bottlo Bottleshop, off license, liquor barn    
Bodgy Of inferior quality or a person with dubious character    
Bored shitless Very bored    
Booze Alcohol    
Bozo Someone who clowns around, idiot    
Brass Cash or money    
Brass razoo "Hasn't got a brass razo" - is very poor / broke  
Brekkie Breakfast    
Brissie Brisbane    
Bug An insect, to pester, or the delicious seafood delicacy "Moreton Bay Bug"    
Bucket To denigrate or bad mouth    
Buckley's No chance!!!!!!    
Buck's Night Stag party, the party a man has before he gets married    
Bullshit Total lies, crap , a load of rubbish    
Bullshitter Someone who lies or talks a load of rubbish    
Bum's Rush Hurry someone up or to ignore them  
Bun in the oven Pregnant    
Bunch of Fives Punch someone with your fist    
Bundy Dark rum made in Bundaberg ( Queensland) in the sugar cane region    
Bunyip Mythical Australian creature with a shreaking, piercing cry    
Bum Butt, backside, ass, rear end    
Bum burglar A male homosexual    
Burl To try or attempt    
Bush Outside the city ( country) or can refer to a womans pubic area    
Bush Buzzer A lady's best friend but remember the batteries ( a vibrator)    
Bush Telegraph Grape- vine, word of mouth    
Bush tucker Food gathered in nature in the outback or bush ( forest)    
Bushwalking Hiking in the forest /outback/ bush    
Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth A person of angelic appearance but ususally deceptive    


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