Dag Unfashionable person, "daggy"
Dacks The act of pulling someone's pants down to expose their butt/ bum
Daks Men's trousers
Damper Bread made from flour and water on a campfire in the bush
Deadcert Definite, 100% certain
Deadhead Good-for- nothing person
Deadset Truthful, without doubt, no shit, honest
Dero Derolict, homeless alcohol person
Dinkie-di The real thing, genuine
Dick togs Speedos ( swimming costume for men that looks like briefs)
Didgeridoo Aboriginal musical instrument made from a hallowed log
Dill Idiot, fool
Dinky-Di The real thing, genuine
Doc Doctor
Dobber Someone who informs on you
Dob in Inform on someone
Doe Money, cash, bucks
Doona Quilt, bed cover
Drizabone A brand of waterproof wax jacket
Donger Penis, cock, dick
Drongo Idiot
Doodle Penis, cock, dick
Drop your guts Fart, pass wind
Drink with the flies To dring alone ( refers to alcohol consumption)
Drop a log Go to the toilet to do a shit
Drum Information or a tip off (I'll give ya the drum)
Duck's nuts Really good
Dunny Toilet
Durry Smoke, fag, cigarette



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