G'day Geeting hello , good day to you !
Galah Noisy but fun can get annoying (and is also a noisy native bird )
Garbo Garbage collector
Gerrie Geriatric, old person
Give it a burl Try it out
Goer A well balanced female who knows what side her bread is buttered on
Got the shits Mad, pissed off, angry
Goodonyermate Good for you mate, excellent, well done
Good nick Good condition
Goog Egg
Goonie Very cheap wine that comes in a bladder (tastes bad and gives a worse hangover!)
Great mate Woof! Excellent , great
Greenie Environmentalist
Grog Alcohol
Grotty Dirty, untidy, unclean
Grouse Great, cool !
Gurgle Plug hole in the sink


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