Pash A very sensual kiss
Pav (Pavlova) Australian desert; a meringue base with fruit and cream topping
Pavement pizza Vomit
Perve To look at sexually, lustful glaze
Piece of piss Easy !
Pillow Biter Male homosexual
Piker Bore, no fun. party pooper
Pike out Leave the party early
Piss Urinate, leak , pee
Pissed Drunk or can be very mad/ angry
Pissing down Raining very heavy
Play sillybuggers Waste time, mess around
Plonk Alcohol- normally refers to cheap wine
Pokies Poker machines, slot or fruit machines
Postie Postman
Pot Glass of beer 285 ml in Queensland and Victoria
Pozzie Position , seat
Prezzies/ pressies Presents
Pub Bar, Somewhere that has beer on tapand other alcohol on sale, normally bands play there also


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