Salvos Salvation Army workers
Sandgroper A person from Western Australia
Sanger A sandwich
Schooner Glass of beer, 425ml in NSW/ACT,NT & WA
Screaming shitting machines Babies
Shag Sexual intercourse, root
Sheila Refers to a female
Shirt lifter Male homosexual
Shonky Sub-standard or dubious quality
Shoots Ejaculates
Shoot through Go or leave
Shout Round of beer/drinks where people takes turns in buying
Sickie Paid day off work, usually not due to illness "I'm gonna chucka sickie tomorra"
Singlet Sleeveless t-shirt or vest; normally worn under a shirt
Six Pack Six stubbies of beer in a pack ( see stubbies)
Slab A carton of 24 bottles or cans of beer
Slash To take a pee or urinate
Smoko Short work break normally 10 minutes
Snatch Vagina
Snag Sausage
Sook Cry baby
Sparkie Electrician
Sparrow's fart Very early, dawn
Speedos Men's swimming costume similiar to men's briefs/ underpants
Spewing Very upset or mad but can be vomitting
Spit the dummy Gets very mad and loses there temper
Spunk A good looking person of either sex
Sprogs Children, offspring
Squiz Take a look at or to peek at
Stickybeak Nosy person
Strife Trouble
Stubbies Small bottle of beer ( approx 375 mls) or is a type of men shorts that usually show their butt crack off!
Stubby Holder Insulated holder to keep a stubbie or tinny of beer in to keep cold longer
Sunnies Sunglasses

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