T.A.B. Totalisator Agency Board - a place to gamble or bet
Tallie A large bottle of beer ( approx 750 mls)
Tassie Tasmania
Taswegian Someone from Tasmania
Tea Dinner
Technicolour Yawn Vomit, spew, chuck
Tee-up To organize a date or appointment
The Throne The toliet, loo
Thingo Something you can't remember the name of
Thongs Rubber sandals, flip flops
TimTam Chocolate sandwich biscuit, coated in chocolate
Tinnie or Tinny Can of beer ( 350 mls approx)
Toey Nervous
Togs Swimmers, swimming costume, bathers
Tongue sandwich A kiss to build a dream on
Troppo Slightly mad/ crazy "Gone Troppo"
True blue Genuinely Australian, patriotic
Tucker Food
Tucker chute Mouth
Turps Turpentine or can be an alcoholic drink/ beverage
Turps "Get on" or "Hit the" Drink a lot of alcohol, get totally smashed/ pissed
Twisties Cheese flavoured twist shaped crisps. can get chicken flavour also


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